The Outstanding Apprentice Award

The Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (VTC) held the 2022 Outstanding Apprentice Award Presentation Ceremony on 31 March 2023 to recognise the excellent performance of apprentices from different technical specialties. The award aims to encourage apprentices to embrace continuous learning and make the best use of their professional knowledge and skills to support industries in need.

Nominated by employers, the outstanding apprentices were selected for the award after a few rounds of interviews. Amongst the recipients is Sam Yip, a Year 4 Technical Apprentice in the Service Department of Universal Automobile Company Limited. Aspiring to a career in the automotive industry, he was determined to join the Apprenticeship Training Scheme in 2020.

During his training, Sam had the opportunity to participate in presenting and introducing a new safety hazard reporting system to his colleagues in the service centre. Despite being new to the team, he demonstrated a proactive, meticulous, and can-do attitude. The presentation was ultimately successful, and his colleagues who attended his presentation gave positive feedback, stating that his presentation is practical and easy to understand.

Sam stated that he would continue accumulating more work experience, contributing to the satisfaction of customers and the success of the company, and striving to make a significant contribution to the development of the automotive industry in Hong Kong. He aims to continue learning with an open mind, diversifying his learning methods, and enhancing his professional abilities and soft skills, including improving his leadership skills. He is also willing to accept new challenges and gain more experience in the future.
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