Sime Darby Motors New Zealand’s Move-A-Thon:
A Morning Walk and Breakfast treat

It is the final week of Sime Darby Motors New Zealand’s Move-A-Thon where the team participated in a morning walk and breakfast at Cornwall Park, Auckland. Together with the Managing Director of Sime Darby Motors, Andrew Basham, eleven employees joined the session, creating an opportunity for employees around the business to connect while getting extra steps. The session began with a morning stroll in the park, followed by a breakfast treat where they engaged with each other in a casual setting outside the office. 

 Sime Darby Motors New Zealand’s Move-A-Thon is dedicated to the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles by promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees and strengthening bonds through connection. The participation of employees in the Move-A-Thon programme is a great example that aligns with Sime Darby’s core values of Winning Together and Care for All while raising funds for its charity partner – Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Find out more about the Move-A-Thon programme at https://www.simedarbymotors.com/media/latest-highlights/sime-darby-motors-new-zealand-move-a-thon-supports-employees-well-being

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