Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hong Kong Presents “Princess Diana’s Elegance & A Royal Collection” Private Preview

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hong Kong has always strived to curate unique experiences for its discerning customers. In collaboration with Julien's Auctions, an exclusive preview of Asia's first "Princess Diana's Elegance & A Royal Collection" Exhibition was recently presented at the Wanchai showroom ahead of its public exhibitions at K11 Musea in Hong Kong and the Museum of Style Icons in Ireland.

The opening reception welcomed over 100 guests to embark on a journey that intertwines the timeless elegance of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with Princess Diana's captivating legacy.

Princess Diana, remembered as "The People's Princess," continues to inspire with her elegance, fashion sense and dedication to philanthropy. The exhibition showcases the most comprehensive collection of her iconic outfits since the historic 1997 charity auction of her royal dresses. Notable items include the midnight blue diamante star-embellished tulle gown she wore to the Phantom of the Opera London Premiere in 1986 and the yellow-and-navy skirt suit from her visit to Hong Kong in 1989.

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