PEUGEOT Unveils the new E-2008

The Perfect Fusion of Feisty Allure and Technological Excellence

Embracing a spirit of liberation, the new PEUGEOT E-2008 transcends conventional boundaries, offering unparalleled versatility that empowers individuals to break free from imposed constraints. In a world where conformity often prevails, there is an undeniable Allure to those who exude the confidence to chart their own course and embrace their unique journey. The new PEUGEOT E-2008 embodies this spirit of self-assurance, inviting drivers to explore new paths and revel in the freedom of individuality.

Positioned at the pinnacle of electric vehicle excellence, the new PEUGEOT E-2008 redefines the benchmark of eco-friendly mobility. Its impressive array of features is designed to elevate the driving experience while minimising environmental impact. With an improved battery capacity of 54kWh, the PEUGEOT E-2008 sets a remarkable milestone with a staggering 436 kilometres range (WLTP), ensuring an extensive journey with minimal environmental impact.


The Reinvented Front
At the forefront of this facelift is the introduction of the new PEUGEOT emblem on the grille. The new front end is now wider and includes a specific lateral pattern that connects to the headlamps and reinforces the verticality and powerful stance of the vehicle. It features a vertical pattern in the same colour as the bodywork, which extends to subtle dark inserts to reinforce the verticality of the front end. The body colour of the pattern also allows the grille to be better integrated into the bumper for a more robust appearance.

New PEUGEOT Lighting Signature
The new PEUGEOT E-2008 features the new PEUGEOT Signature Light – a distinctive feature highlighted by its captivating three vertical claw daytime running lights. In the E2008 GT, the striking effect of the three claws is extended in the lighting of the full LED headlamps through the use of three light modules. This distinguishes the E-2008 GT from the rest of the range by giving them an exclusive front-end signature. This innovative light signature not only adds a touch of allure but also bestows the vehicle with a sense of individuality and a commanding presence.

Redesigned Rear Light
The redesigned LED rear lights of the new E-2008 reimagine the iconic three claws that define the rear of a PEUGEOT. Comprising three superimposed horizontal double slats, delicately crafted for finesse and elegance, these lights play a pivotal role in visually enhancing the car's stance. The inclusion of LED technology in the reversing lights and indicators contributes to the vehicle's overall elegance and establishes a distinctive PEUGEOT identity. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the E-2008 captivates with its innovative features and leaves an indelible mark of sophistication on the road.

New Colours
The new PEUGEOT E-2008 boasts a range of captivating colours and with the new Selenium Grey as the launch colour. The new Okenite White, rich in bluish-grey highlights, underlines the sophistication of the new E-2008. The new E-2008 is available in six body colours: Selenium Grey, Artense Grey, Okenite White, Black Perla Nera, Elixir Red and Vertigo Blue.

With a robust powertrain generating 100 kW (136hp) of power and 270 Nm of torque, the E-2008 effortlessly navigates any situation on the road with just a push of the pedal. This remarkable performance ensures instantaneous acceleration, smooth handling, and precise control, empowering drivers to conquer every journey with confidence and ease.

Furthermore, the new E-2008 is equipped with a high-performance 100kW DC / 11 kW AC on-board charger, ensuring rapid charging capabilities for maximum convenience and efficiency. Charging the car from 0% to 80% on a DC 100kW charger takes just 30 minutes, allowing drivers to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the road. This rapid charging capability ensures convenience and flexibility, making the E-2008 a practical choice for everyday use and the perfect car to escape the city.

The new E-2008 features the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit™ technology, with its compact steering wheel, customisable 3D holographic digital instrument panel, 10” HD touchscreen and elegant piano keys, providing direct access to main control functions, including the active safety systems and vehicle settings.

The new E-2008 comes with the following safety features and technologies to protect both its occupants and other road users:

• Automatic hands-free access with walkaway auto-lock
• VisioPark 180° Reverse Camera
• Lane Departure Warning
• Speed Limit Information with Intelligent Speed Adaptation

The new E-2008 come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and Mirror Screen

The E-2008 GT is set to retail for $153,888, offering discerning drivers the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of electric driving excellence.

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PEUGEOT combines all -around Excellence, Allure, and Emotion with the ambition to be the top -of -the -range generalist brand on a global scale. Building on its technological offensive strategy and the electrification of its range, the PEUGEOT brand enters the era of the energy transition with enthusiasm. Stimulating and rewarding driving, elegant design and uncompromising quality are the brand's commitment to its customers and contribute to the emotion provided by each PEUGEOT. Present in more than 160 countries at 10,000 points of sale, the brand sold almost 1,500,000 vehicles around the world in 2019.
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