Performance Motors Singapore Organised a Plant-A-Tree Programme in line with their Green Initiative

Performance Motors Singapore (PML) recently organised a Plant-A-Tree Programme with the aim of creating a greener tomorrow by sowing the seeds of change. The planting site, located at Kaki Bukit Ave 2, hosted around 80 participants including PML employees, BMW Asia representatives and valued customers. Throughout the event, there were a total of 50 trees planted as a part of the PML Green Initiative commitment.  

The objective of the PML Green Initiative is to help conserve water by encouraging customers to opt out of car washes from their servicing sessions. In return, customers can take home a microgreen gardening kit. Additionally, PML will plant a tree for every 30 car washes opted out as part of their contribution to environmental preservation. This initiative aligns with a nationwide effort, the National Park Board’s 1 Million Tree movement, with the aim to plant a million more trees across Singapore. At Sime Darby, we are dedicated to giving back to the community and shaping a sustainable future.

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