Guangzhou Bow Yue Vehicle Trading Organises Children's Traffic Safety Training Camp

To promote children's traffic safety and enhance their self-protection abilities, Guangzhou Bow Yue Vehicle Trading Co., Ltd. First Branch organised a BMW Children's Traffic Safety Training Camp. With the theme "Infinite Spring Light, Safe Childhood", the camp was organised with the Guangzhou HongYingXingHui Kindergarten on April 7, 2023.

The camp targeted the Kindergarten Senior Class, as they will soon face a more complex traffic environment when they enter primary school. Through the dissemination of children's traffic safety knowledge and practical training guides, the kindergarteners learned how to cross the road safely, recognise traffic signals, wear helmets properly, and acquired other traffic safety knowledge, further enhancing their self-protection skills. Parents were also given knowledge picture books to independently teach their children's traffic safety issues, and at the same time enhance family awareness of traffic safety.

By disseminating knowledge and providing practical simulation experiences, it is hoped that everyone's awareness of traffic safety is increased, promoting better self- protection for healthy growth.
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