Get to Know: Stuart Turner Shares His 20-Years Journey of Excellence with UD Trucks

Meet Stuart Turner who has been with UD Trucks at Sime Darby Motors for more than 20 years. As the National Parts Manager for UD Trucks, Stuart oversees the purchasing and distribution of parts to the UD Trucks dealer network in New Zealand. Leading a team of four, he ensures the distribution centre is well-stocked and delivers according to timeline in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Career Journey and Passion

Stuart has a burning passion in automotive that has been a driving force throughout his career. He started with Ford Motor Company, he then moved to various automotive importers before joining UD Trucks. His journey with Sime Darby began in 2005 under the Nissan Diesel brand.

In 2006, the company invested in a new purpose-built site which included a head office and parts distribution centre. With that, it allowed Sime Darby to take control of parts distribution that significantly improve services to its dealer network.

Achievement and Building Competencies

Stuart highlighted that one of his significant achievements is creating a top-tier distribution centre in New Zealand. This accomplishment was supported by a loyal and hardworking team, some of whom he has worked with for 17 years. During his free time, Stuart enjoys sourcing suppliers for his own car projects. This makes him the right fit to be in parts purchasing and distribution.

Stuart also shared he has developed new skills during his tenure – professional networking and good relationships for collaboration opportunities, coaching and mentoring for personal and team’s development, being able to adapt to changes, mitigate and solve issues.

Contributions to Growth and Success

Over the past 21 years, Stuart witnessed the transformation of the Nissan Diesel brand to UD Trucks, moving from low-tech trucks to a platform brimming with the latest technology and safety features. He also has contributed to strengthening the UD Trucks brand especially in aftersales support and customers experience. His commitment to delivering customer excellence by minimising truck downtime has been instrumental in the company's success.

Despite the challenges he faced over the years including economic recessions, technological advancements, supply chain disruptions, meeting customer demands, market competition and the COVID-19 pandemic, these setbacks allowed him to grow and strengthen the operations, contributing to the long-term success of the team.

  • Sime Darby Supports Career Growth and Diversity

    Working with fantastic people and a great company culture has been a major factor in keeping Stuart motivated. With the growing business, it has opened doors to diverse capabilities, offering ample opportunities for up-and-coming employees and adding value to the business with a diverse range of customers.

    “I always have excellent support from the senior management at Sime Darby. They are open with new thinking and ideas in building the great business - UD Trucks Distributors”, Stuarts mentioned.

    Future Goals and Aspirations

    Looking ahead, Stuart aims to pass on his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the UD Trucks brand to the next generation of employees. With exciting developments on the horizon, he is committed to ensuring the continued success for both Sime Darby and UD Trucks in New Zealand.

    “Our young people are the future of the company and it is important that we give them as much support as possible to ensure continued success in New Zealand.”

    Stuart's personal motto, "Back yourself" reflects his belief in self-confidence and making informed decisions. He instils the same principles to his staff, helping them recognise and build on their strengths to deliver their utmost in their job. This mindset also fosters autonomy and effectiveness, building a strong team to support their customers.
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