A Special Visit by Island Motors to Suzuki Factory in Japan 
for its Customers

Island Motors, the distributor for Suzuki in Hong Kong and Macau, treated its customers to a trip to the Suzuki factory in Japan. In commemoration of the Suzuki Jimny launch in Hong Kong last year , the team organised a contest for its new owners. One winner from Hong Kong and Macau respectively was rewarded a round-trip to Nagoya, Japan. As part of the trip, there was an exclusive visit to Suzuki factory and history museum organised for the participants. This provided an opportunity to get upclose and personal to the brand through the experiential programme.
The factory also known as ‘Kosai Plant’, produces Suzuki engines and vehicles which are exported to the Hong Kong and Macau region. Participants witnessed the entire assembly process from sourcing the parts to the final end product.
At the Suzuki History Museum, the participants explored the exhibit that showcased Suzuki’s iconic classic models, generations of its models, concept cars and its progressive technologies since the start of the brand. The trip was incredibly eye-opening for the participants, leaving them valuable experiences with the brand. This initiative portrays our commitment to elevating brand experience and delivering customer service excellence.

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