The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Car Care Treat

As Father’s Day approaches, we should honour our fathers and their unwavering support to the family. If your dad has always been a car enthusiast, consider a gift that truly reflects his passion and dedication. This Father's Day, express your gratitude with the gift that he would appreciate - a car care treat.

1. Oil Change

Oil change is essential for maintaining a vehicle’s performance and longevity, yet it is often perceived as a chore. By setting a reminder for your father's car service when it's due for an oil change, you ensure that this essential task is not overlooked. This simple action not only takes the responsibility off his shoulders but also helps keep his car in optimal condition.

2. Brake Checks

It is important to ensure the car’s brake is in good condition. Without properly working brakes, it will create hazard which cause driving situations to take a turn for the worse or harm to other road users. If your dad complains that he hears noises like a high-pitched squealing while braking or if his car’s steering wheel vibrates when he slows down or stops, it’s time for a brake check. Bring his car to the nearest workshop or Sime Darby Motors service center for brake maintenance services.

3. Tire Check

Take time to inspect your dad’s vehicle's tires to ensure the tires are in healthy condition. It is important to ensure that the tire pressure and tread are in optimum condition to keep him safe on the road.

4. Car Polishing

A professional car polishing can restore the shine and luster to your dad’s vehicle, making it look as good as new. Consider treating your dad’s car to a thorough polish to bring back its showroom shine.

Show your appreciation to your dad by giving him the gift of car care this Father’s Day. At Sime Darby Motors, our dedication to exceptional customer service goes beyond vehicle sales, encompassing high quality vehicle service and maintenance. Visit our newly launched EV Service Centre, DriveCare, where we provide top notch maintenance and repairs for all EVs. We're here to support you in honouring your father with the perfect gift that ensures his safety and allows him to enjoy every moment behind the wheel of his car.
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